Frequently Asked Questions

Estimates are free and you do not need an appointment. Our hours for providing estimates are Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm, and you can come by whenever is convenient for you. The process takes about 15 minutes. We’ll take photos of your vehicle, obtain your contact and insurance information, and provide you with a printed estimate.

We prefer to inspect your vehicle in person, instead of providing estimates based on a verbal description of damage. There are many factors that go into writing an estimate, and sometimes what you think needs replacing may actually be repairable. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of an estimate without visually inspecting the vehicle.

We can coordinate a rental car for you. If you are a claimant, the insurance will cover a rental at no cost to you. If you are using your own insurance, rental coverage will depend on your policy. If you do not have rental car coverage or are paying out of pocket, we have negotiated a great deal with a major rental car provider.

Tesla strongly recommends that all collision repairs be performed by a Tesla Approved Body Shop (TABS). Only TABS technicians have the required knowledge, training, and equipment to repair Tesla vehicles to meet Tesla standards. Our technicians have attended extensive training on performing repairs to Tesla vehicles, including how to safely interact with your vehicle’s electrical and high voltage systems. Additionally, only TABS are allowed to order structural parts and have the Tesla-specific tools required to perform structural repairs.

Nope. If you’re happy with the first estimate you’ve received, you don’t need to spend any extra time visiting other shops to get additional quotes.

We do not report accidents to Carfax. Most often, accidents are reported to Carfax by the DMV, insurance companies, and law enforcement agencies.


Yes. We exclusively use PPG paint, and they are the world’s leading supplier of paint coatings to auto manufacturers. This gives PPG the ability to provide collision repair centers with paint formulas that can precisely match a vehicle’s original finish.

Our preference is always for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. These are parts made by your vehicle manufacturer. However, depending on your insurance policy or budget, we may use used or aftermarket parts. Rest assured that if the part is not a perfect fit for your vehicle, we will use OEM parts instead.

This depends on the extent of the damage. When we provide the written estimate, we will let you know how long we expect the repairs to take. However, this is only an estimated time frame. Once you drop off your vehicle for repairs, we will take it apart and assess for any additional damage. We will contact you as soon as we have a revised estimate together.

To help minimize the length of repairs, we pre-order parts whenever possible. When you come in for the initial estimate, we make note of all the parts that need to be replaced and order them ahead of time so that we have them in-hand when you drop off your vehicle for repairs.

Depending on the extent of the damage, repair may actually be the better option. It is less invasive and oftentimes the length of repairs will be shorter. The best thing for your vehicle is to keep the original parts and paint whenever possible.


We work with most insurance companies and we are a preferred repair shop for several major insurance providers. Once you have filed a claim, we handle all subsequent communication and negotiation with your insurance on your behalf.

It depends. If you are considering filing an insurance claim but are concerned about your rates going up, you can call your insurance agent and ask. Your rates won’t go up just because you asked the question.

Your deductible is part of your contract with your insurance provider, and only they can waive it. Based on the circumstances of your accident, you may qualify for a deductible waiver. If you think you may qualify, we recommend inquiring with the adjuster handling your claim.

Yes you can. Under California state law, you have the right to take your vehicle to your repair shop of choice. The insurance company cannot force you to use one of their preferred shops.